2016 Project of the Year Winner


Lorado Mine Site 60

PMI North Saskatchewan Chapter is pleased to announce the winner of the 2016 Project of the Year award.

The recipients of the award are:

Project Details

Project: SRC Lorado Remediation Project

Project Manager: Dianne Allen, PMP, Saskatchewan Research Council

Project background: The former Lorado Uranium Mill is located 8km from the remote settlement of Uranium City, in northern Saskatchewan. From 1957-1960, ore from surrounding uranium mines was processed to extract uranium. In its short time of operation, the mill left behind the environmental legacy of:

Project objective: The Lorado Remediation Project objective was completion of sustainable remediation to reduce the risks that the site posed to people, wildlife and aquatic life.

Project deliverables:

  1. Consolidation and covering of the uranium mill tailings to reduce downstream impacts and risks to humans and wildlife;
  2. Consolidation and burial of mill infrastructure and debris;
  3. In-situ treatment of Nero Lake water to obtain a neutral pH and reduction of downstream impacts on water quality;
  4. Revegetation of disturbed land areas;
  5. Maximize local sustainable development opportunities.

Management of the Project