March 2018 Luncheon

Date: March 13, 2018
Presenter: Gholan M. Medalla
The Presentation: The project risks that are always missed
Location: Radisson Hotel Saskatoon, 405 20th Str E, Saskatoon

Note: Pay parking is available; presenter meal provided by PMI NSC


11:30 am – 12:00 pm  Registration, networking and buffet lunch
12:00 pm – 12:05 pm Welcome, announcements and introductions
12:05 pm – 1:00 pm Presentation
1:00 pm – 1:05 pm Comments and door prizes

For the presentation and a hot buffet, a nominal $27.50 fee is charged for PMI members and $37.50 for non-members.

gholan medallaAbout Gholan

Gholan has over 20 years of hands on Project Management and Project Controls experience. This is with various overseas assignments such as Saudi Arabia, Canada, Iraq, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and the Philippines. He has worked with the big industry players such as Saudi Aramco (current), Exxon Mobil (IOL), Total, Siemens, Oracle, Kiewit Energy to name a few. This is with programs ranging from US$ 1B to US$ 5B and Mega Projects costing US$ 9B to US$ 15B. He specializes in planning & project controls (claims and forensic analysis background), and with substantial experience in design, project execution, estimating, cost, contracting and risk management. He has also implemented, maintained and lead developments of robust Project Controls Systems, tools, KPIs, and processes. His background has strong emphasis on “real project” – “hands on” experience. Gholan contributes articles to various Project Management blog sites and maintains a website of his own He has done multiple workshops and guest speaking engagement with various non-profit PM and Engineering Organization in US, Canada, Asia and the Middle East. He is currently enrolled at the University of Salford in Manchester UK for his MSc in Project Management while also juggling his time to complete his book entitled “Project Management Simplified – real project issues resolved”.

Presentation Overview

So you have successfully developed the Risk Management Plan. All major risks identified and with associated risk response plan. Adequate cost for contingency were allocated into the budget as well. You also have a Risk register in place with risks owners actively monitoring how risks will be progressing moving forward. Great job? But you are not quite done yet! As you progress towards project execution you will learn that more will risks emerge. Sometimes these risks have more negative impact to project objectives. Moreover, the team doesn’t have enough time to deal with it. Even worst, there is no resource allocated for contingency measure against it. There is also this problem that most risks owners are the same people executing the job. Where everyone defaults to putting out flames rather than step back for a moment, re-plan, and retool.

The real dilemma here is the team have missed these risks or a contingency measure is inadequate. The whole exercise of risk identification, evaluation, and response planning was mostly done forward pass and not “execution driven”. Also, opportunity to address risks during detailed design was not fully capitalized. In addition to this, due to improper planning and project execution, the team creates even more risks. Thus, the snowball affect putting a strain in attaining the main project objectives.

PMI Talent TriangleLearning Objective

Using real project scenarios and everyday examples, the participants will have a better appreciation on how to establish an “execution driven” risk management approach. Learn as well how the conventional Risk Management Processes maps through a “backward pass” progressive method. Where more risks will be filtered out and the project team will not contribute to creating more risks. Else, a more effective contingency measure can be established, and mitigation measures can be implemented.

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